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Yoseop (Yoseob) Yang from BEAST had a too much “Caffeine” TEASER

Yoseop or Yoseob Yang (who is a member of the boyband BEAST) is making a solo album. The teaser has been released and it looks really good. The song is called “Caffeine” and should be released on the 26th (12.11.26) so look out for that. The song features Yoseop and some vocal/rap from Jun-Hyung. I’m still wondering if the other members will add their voices to the tracks of his solo album. The most amazing part i think is that his other member, Jun-Hyung, is actually producing his album. That’s amazing. The album has 4 tracks on it. The MV teaser, features coffee and gorgeous suits. Yoseob looks amazing in his suit and the smoke effects, even if they are a bit far fetched, it looks great. I believe that the plot line, is that he loved a girl and she dumped him and then he decides to burn her stuff… that’s all the plot says so far. I just noticed how creepy the paintings are behind Yoseob are… lol Simon and Martina will probably comment on them. I really can’t wait until his comeback! Please support him! Stay tune for more, but right now a teaser has been released for “caffeine”. Subscribe to Beast’s official channel 


MV teaser:



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