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Girl’s Generation (SNSD) got their “Dancing Queen” on MV release

Featured on SNSD Dancing Queen

Hey guys SNSD released their newest MV called “Dancing Queen”. I love this MV, but I do have some things to comment on. Okay guys, I’m so excited my comment is actually a top comment on their Video (My name is Mariel W. btw! Hwaiting to me! <3 but back to the MV. First, i would prefer if SNSD has a song written for them that was unique and that wasn’t already existing. This song the background music is Duffy’s Mercy, i thought it was familiar.  I like the song, but i wish it was made for them specifically. The second, is that this MV wasn’t actually produced this year, the beginning and the ending are where there are crazy ombre colors and highlights in their hair. The middle of the MV was probably produced after their “The Boys” or earlier. The colors and fashion definitely feels like their “Gee” MV. The newested 2012 parts that were filmed are very colorful and quite the shock to see some of their hair especially Sunny’s which looks like pink and orange. Hyoyeon blonde as always but with colorful highlights that compliment her hair. I can’t wait until they release their other MV which i believe will be called “I got a boy”. I love the song, it’s catchy and upbeat. The MV is very cute and aegyo and features lots of cute things.  Overall, the MV was okay, i would like them to upload a MV for “I got a boy” which features their new looks as of today. Support SNSD by subscribing here SMTOWN and watching their channel. Follow me~!

MV here:

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  1. It’s not Hilary Duff that made Mercy it’s the British singer Duffy. :)


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